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Grab yourself a shovel and let's see what we can unearth together my friends! I am your guide, Dr. Scarabus. Long ago, I was an evil old wizard, but I’ve long since retired (and went through a rather untidy divorce, I might add) since that unfortunate incident with the raven and that upstart Craven…Ahhh, but that is another tale, for another time. My good friend and colleague Dr. Mordred has entrusted me with the duties of bringing you news articles, commentaries, and interviews throughout the year. You are encouraged to return as often as you wish, and stay as long as you like. Some who visit here never leave. You are my most welcome guests, so please indulge yourselves won’t you? Come closer and stay a while. I assure you, it will be most painless and the loss of blood will be minimal…

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A Skullduggery Spotlight On Lon Chaney, Sr.

Michael Dawson Meets The Scorpion King


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Continuing Adventures Of Dr. Scarabus


S'haera Of The Seven Moons