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Welcome to Bloodletting, where you can put your knowledge of Horror, Science Fiction, and Fantasy to the ultimate test. This is a special section assembled under the perilous pen of yours truly, Dr. Mordred. Have a care, my friends. There will be no way to escape this malevolent maze of terror-trivia unless you can successfully pit your wits against what lies within.

Each correctly answered question is valued at a certain amount of "pints". Each quiz is divided up into three levels of difficulty, as follows:

Wicked Level (5 pint questions)
Evil Level (10 pint questions)
Diabolic Level (20 pint questions)

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All of our quizzes are self-scoring and use some form utilities to help make scoring convenient and easy. When you first enter the quiz page, you will notice a frame at the top containing a dropbox and 4 text fields (see example #1 below). This area is used to keep track of your score through the different levels of the quiz. Click the dropbox to select the current quiz . Click this and the name should now appear in the dropbox field. Now, you are ready to start the quiz. 


+  + =

There is a dropbox and a "CORRECT" checkbox directly beneath each question (see example #2 below). Read the question carefully and decide  your answer, then click the dropbox window to reveal the correct answer. If you answered the question correctly, click the checkbox to the right and move on to the next question.


 1. How many eyes does a Cyclops have?



When you have answered all the questions on the Level, scroll back through and add up all of the checked checkboxes. (A calculator is provided, accessible from the top frame.) This gives you your base score which is then multiplied by your Level modifier (found beneath the last question on each Level) for your Level score. Type your Level score into the appropriate text box in the top frame, and then you are ready to move on to the next Quiz level. 

When you have completed all three Quiz Levels and recorded your scores for each in the top frame, simply add these 3 scores to calculate your Quiz score. Then all that remains is to compare your score with the Monster Meter to reveal your fate. Don't worry, it's a lot easier than it sounds!          

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