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Welcome to the Macabre Files of Doctor Hieronymus Caligula Mordred: wizard, necromancer, charlatan, mesmerist, alchemist, sometimes-mad scientist, body snatcher, philosopher, occultist, monster expert, and occasional ally of Plutonian Shore. The enigmatic doctor will share his vast knowledge on the films, literary works, and various items of interest surrounding the subject of Horror, Science Fiction, and Fantasy. If you are a fan of these genres, you may find the doctor's Macabre Files stimulating…or blood-curdling…as the case may be. Fans of Famous Monsters Of Filmland, Fangoria, and Starlog will find The Macabre Files diabolically delicious…

From time to time, the "good" doctor and his contributing editors will bring you various articles, interviews, and film reviews for your sinister satisfaction. The Macabre Files are divided into 4 segments:

  • Dr. Mordred's Fiendish Field Guide: A handy encyclopedia of monsters, creatures, freaks, creeps, aliens, mutants, magicians, wizards, and undead nasties. No occult investigator, monster hunter, or mad scientist should be without it. New entries will be posted in the doctor’s Field Guide regularly.

  • Skullduggery With Dr. Scarabus: News, commentary, episodic fiction and articles from the world of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror. From the perilous pen of Doctor Scarabus, long-time peer and bowling buddy of Dr. Mordred.

  • The Guillotine: The Headsman brings you cutting-edge reviews of genre films, past and present. Plutonian Shore, Echelon Entertainment, and Laughing Sage Creative Services do not necessarily agree with - nor endorse - the Headsman's opinions. Careful not to lose your head over his often controversial reviews…

  • Bloodletting: Creepy queries designed to challenge the mind and chill the blood. Horror, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy buffs can test their mental might against a bloodthirsty inquisition of quizzes and questions from Dr. Mordred. Be sure to bring some holy water and wolvesbane with you...

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Thanks to the other contributing editors, organizations, and sources
for The Macabre Files:

The Duke de Richeleau & friends

Dr. Adam Spektor

The Phantom Of The Internet

Velma Jenkins

Carl Kolchak

The Kingsport Marine Conservation Society

The Memoirs of Dr. Erasmus Craven

Vlad the Impertinent

C.D. Ward

The Estate of J. Harker, esq.

The Graveyard Examiner

The Diaries of Erich Zann

The Association of Henchmen, Thugs, and 
Freakish Laboratory Assistants

The Lycanthropic Care Group

The Subterranean League

The Victor Frankenstein Memorial Foundation 
for Wayward Monsters

Dr. Anton Phibes: His Life & Crimes  
by Vesalius & Beiderbeck

The Esoteric Order Of Dagon Reading Room

The Exorcist's Guild

Metaphysitek, Inc.

Uncle Creepy & Cousin Eerie

The Brotherhood of  Bedlam

Sir Nunnos

Miskatonic University Faculty Club 
& Alumni Association

The Witch's Familiar Union

The Stepford Country Club

The Haddonfield Archives

The Innsmouth Chamber Of Commerce


The Necromonicon

The Abridged Journal of Dr. Shrinker

Captain Midknight

James Elder

T. Sallis

Cadavre Le Grand

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