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Plutonian Image I - Plutonian Seascape A brief glimpse of what awaits on the dream-drenched shores…


Sean & Michael in Studio B, Dark Tower's Sound Design/Music Production/DV Production Suite. Studio B normally serves as Plutonian Shore's main creative habitat, and is sometimes colloquially referred to as the "Inner Sanctum", or the "VS Suite".


Sean & Michael on a break in Studio B while working on the upcoming CD album, Portents.


Sean browses through a copy of the EM Guide To The Roland VS-880, which features Plutonian Shore sharing stories and tips about the acclaimed digital workstation that helped bring Arcana to life.


Michael in Studio A, Dark Tower's Main Production Suite. Occasionally referred to as "Sanctuary", Studio A is the digital recording, mixing, and editing center for Plutonian Shore.


Michael during a preliminary spotting run for music cues in the Control Area of Studio A.


Sean seated in the Control Area of Studio A, which houses a complete 24-bit digital, 64-track Pro Tools 24MIXplus system complemented by a Mackie D8B - a fully automated, 56-input, 72-channel digital mixer.


Sean demonstrates a guitar part during a writing session for the upcoming Portents.


Sean in Dark Tower's Studio B going over some acoustic guitar parts during a rehearsal session.


Michael (left) and Sean (right) in Studio B.


Michael in Dark Tower's Studio B as he creates and combines synthesizer patches using the Roland XP-80, JV-1000, and E-Mu Proteus MPS.


A recording session in Dark Tower's Studio A, with Sean seated inside Iso-Room 1.

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