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Michael sets up a fight with David Carradine (Kwai Chang Caine) and Ho Chow on the set of Shaolin Treasure (season IV - Kung Fu: The Legend Continues), while Al Leong (masked, at left) works out a fight with Chris Potter (Peter Caine) in the background. This episode guest-starred Mickey Rooney, and featured James Lew (Lethal Weapon 4, Hot Shots, Part Deux) as a sinister henchman. Ho Chow also guest-starred as the episode's resident bad guy, armed with nunchakus and other nasty tricks.


Hustle and bustle between takes on the set of Phoenix (season IV - Kung Fu: The Legend Continues). David Carradine and Kung Fu alumni James Hong (Chinatown, Big Trouble In Little China, Blade Runner) rehearse a scene in the background, as Michael stands by in the foreground (at left). This episode also guest-starred Robert Carradine (The Long Riders, Stephen King’s The Tommyknockers, John Carpenter’s Body Bags), and was directed by yet another Kung Fu alumni, Bo Svenson (Walking Tall).


Michael and Al Leong choreograph and rehearse the fight for Caine's climatic battle with his own evil self in Requiem. This episode was the last show of the last season (season IV - Kung Fu: The Legend Continues), and the finale fight was among the very last scenes to be shot. This fight was among Michael’s favorites to perform, because he got to work with - and "against" - David, in addition to doubling both sides of the fight…essentially, fighting himself.


David Carradine as the legendary Kwai Chang Caine, in this rare publicity photo taken during the shooting of Blood Brothers (1972 - Kung Fu).

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