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Media Reviews

Arcana is an album to be listened to, preferably with headphones on, then you can just drift away to the textures and atmospheres of
this wonderful album. Personally I love it, and if you like
Vangelis, Tangerine Dream or Brian Eno, then I suggest
you order your copy today. Highly recommended!!!”
- Derek Daniel, Stormbringer webzine (UK).

“I have to say that their CD Arcana is a true manifestation of their
creative spirit and wild imagination. Free flowing and
wonderful, this CD inspires and excites the imagination
by unleashing musical forces of enormous,
spectacular power and texture…”

- Stavros Moschopoulos, FAO CASA magazine (Italy).

“...very interesting, drawing on many influences from the sounds of Asia, to more modern progressive sounds...acts like Vangelis, bits of Peter Gabriel. This CD is a first class offering. If you like Classical, it's here; Progressive, it's here; something for all to take time out and listen to. Both guys are first class musicians, they have an insight into modern music instrumental music, which will delight the film industry and music buying public alike.”
- Martyn Jones, Acid Attack Records (UK).

“…Vangelis in a somber mood, Peter Gabriel’s lost, dark companion piece to Passion, and Brian Eno’s Music For Films....music that draws on Classical, New Age, Eastern and progressive rock elements creates what could be a soundtrack to a dark sci fi or fantasy movie. Arcana is a brave yet unnerving piece of work by two talented musicians and composers...”
- Steven Booth, Shadowland magazine.

Listeners' Reviews

“...very visual and emotional. Each track brought up new scenes and actions in my imagination... a beautiful experience for those who listen.”
- Heather from Eureka, CA.

“...powerful moods and graphics.”
- Louise from Vancouver, Canada.

“I love it! An outstanding work!
It is beautifully arranged and possesses intrigue and excitement.”
- Deborah from Torrance, CA.

“...a really cool collection of music.”
- Diana from Arlington, VA.

“Although my favorite tracks are 'Masque' and 'The Mountains Of Heaven', the entire album is intriguing and thoroughly delightful.”
- Samuel from Cardington, OH.

“Atmospheric and full of visuals! Great sounds!”
- Anthony from Jamaica, NY.

“Excitingly original. These guys don't conform to the usual stuff
that's out there. They’re into their own thing...and it works.”
- Elliot from Los Angeles, CA.

“Thanks for Arcana. It has power and peace, joy and melancholy, energy and elegance. It's a score for the heart and mind, which is after all what good music is all about. It speaks to me, and I'm already waiting for more from Plutonian Shore.”
- Carol from Arlington, VA.

“A great blend of musical styles. Each song is a trip into a different place or scene. I like the entire album, although the songs of particular note are 'Time And Tide', 'Runaway', and 'Mare Imbrium'.”
- Darren from Toronto, Canada.

“Great sounds! Full of 'visuals'… the music really takes you somewhere. My favorite tracks are 'Silvertongues', 'Time And Tide' and 'All She Wrote'. Excellent music for film scores.
- Al Leong

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